Completed Projects

Steel Deck Institute funded projects

  1. Design of Shear Connectors Welded Through Steel Deck: A Reanalysis of Existing Data – Phase 1
    • Data-driven analysis of published test data towards a performance-based design methodology of shear connectors.
  2. Inelastic Analysis and Design of Bare Steel Deck Diaphragms using Instantaneous Center Method
    • Investigate the inelastic behavior of roof diaphragms to better understand the behavior of the welds that are used to connect the deck to the structure.
screenshot of database

Advanced High Strength Cold-Formed Steel

Published Dataset: Advanced High Strength Cold-Formed Steel Coupon Tests at Ambient, Elevated, and Subzero Temperatures

  • Material property characterization at
    • ambient
    • elevated temperatures
    • subzero temperatures
  • Residual stress measurements
stress-strain plot

Structural Analysis with Nonsymmetric Sections

  1. Analysis of Systems with Unsymmetrical Sections Using the Latest Version of MASTAN2
  2. Analytical Study: Flexural-Torsional Buckling of Joist Web Members
    • Funded by the Steel Joist Institute (SJI)
  3. Review of Testing by Analysis for Potential Implementation into AISI Standards
finite element model results of a steel joist

Data-Driven Based Structural Design

machine learning model diagrams