Monitoring, Modeling, & Visualization


Monitoring, Modeling, & Visualization of Structures

Cooperative agreement with the Department of Defense (DoD) – Engineering Research Development Center (ERDC) – Constructional Engineering Research Lab (CERL).

Co-PI’s: Prof. Hannah Blum and Prof. Jesse Hampton (Geomechanics and Damage Group (GeoD))


This project develops a method for monitoring and assessing historic structures subjected to changing climate conditions. This is a unique multidisciplinary project with collaborations among structural engineering, geological engineering, and computer engineering. The project involves field investigations, laboratory testing, advanced computational modeling, machine learning, and mixed reality.

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Laboratory Testing

In preparation for field work, the team is conducting laboratory tests to qualify the performance of fiber optic cabling on structural systems for detecting failure modes.

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The team is working on creating point cloud scans of structures and using mixed reality to view and interact with the scans.

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Upcoming work

The team will conduct field work on structures around Wisconsin and the Midwest, and create advanced finite element models of the structures to study their behavior under changing climate conditions.

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